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Welcome the world of fetish phone sex where your privacy and discretion is our number one priority. Fetish Fantasy Calls is a place where you can safely disclose your sexual craving to a discreet fantasy specialist. Our phone sex operators are both knowledgeable and have experience at bringing your sexual cravings and desires to life.

Fetishism can be quite a complex area if you try to “figure it out” so to speak.  However, can be very exciting to learn, understand and become aware of your own sexual fetishes. And it can be especially exciting to explore them with experienced phone sex operators.

What is a sexual fetish?

Sexual fetishism is described as being the erotic, sexual arousal one receives from a physical object, or from a specific or isolated situation.  And it can be very broad in its form.  As this is studied throughout the years, it’s assumed that a particular fetish is either conditioned or imprinted one’s mind.  Or it could simply be the result of a strong emotional or physical experience one endeavors in his or her life, typically from early childhood years. These experiences can be positive, negative or even traumatic in some instances.

Where do sexual fetishes come from?

Fetishes can be a result from many things and can start at different stages in one’s life.  Many fetishes are found to lead back to childhood. Certain objects or situations that arouse intense feelings in ones younger years can be the start of something.  It can be the mark or the trigger point for a particular fetish as one gets older.

It is also believed that porn may be a reason a sexual fetish is formed. After seeing such a movie or clip, our perception can be skewed or exaggerated. So much so, that one can no longer achieve orgasm unless watching porn. We often want to try a position or technique we’ve seen on a porn movie to see how it feels. Right? Not to worry, this behavior is normal! This is not considered to be a full on fetish. However, it can turn into one if a person is unable to maintain a healthy sexual relationship with a partner.

Are sexual fetishes all in your head?

Yes, and no. A sexual fetish can easily find its way deep into our minds through numerous emotional channels. And our inner balance can be seriously thrown off once a sexual fetish is deeply penetrated into our mind. Intense fear, curiosity, oddity, pleasure or excitement and even confusion are real emotions that are felt in the body. The human body can remember the physiological charge before, during or after a specific situation.  And for some of us those moments can become even more erotic on a subconscious level. Even the scariest moments of our childhood are also known to be the starting point of a sexual fetish.

Our minds are designed to protect us. Therefore, some of our childhood memories hibernate until we either have sex for the first time.  Or the stimulus that first created the intense feelings resurface. The erotic change in our physiological bodies is what brings on the hidden desire or fetish to the forefront. It’s a known fact that what’s stored in our subconscious mind will come to surface at one time or another. Before we realize what’s happening, we are associating our childhood fear and/or excitement to adult sexual feelings, therefore, creating a sexual fetish.

If these intense sexual feelings surface on a consistent basis, both alone or with a partner and are focused on a particular body part, object or experience then it is probably safe to say you are dealing with a sexual fetish.

What does the Fetish Fantasy Calls website offer?

Fetish Fantasy Calls is an adult fantasy entertainment website offering telephone services to distinguished gentlemen looking to expose and or explore a sexual fetish they have on their mind.

The fetish phone sex girls found here at are not only eager to learn about any sexual fetish you may have, but are willing to talk about and or role play any fetish they are unfamiliar with.  Our number one priority is pleasing any and all customers that come to our website.  We are always willing to learn and explore all fetishes with our callers to make them shoot the biggest load of cum on each and every call!

Strangely enough just about every single fantasy phone sex call we do is a type of fetish in one form or another.  Some would agree others may disagree.  Some say their particular fetish is something that is derived from early childhood.  While others would say that it’s something they learned about themselves along the way while sexually experimenting.   It simply doesn’t matter to us how or why you’ve developed a particular fetish.  We are here to bring that fetish to life for you as we use our sexy voices and creative imaginations.  While working with you during your sex call, we will be asking questions and learning what exactly about your fetish turns you on.  We want to learn how we can facilitate the best physical pleasure for you while you masturbate on the telephone line with us.

Fetish phone sex is a widely searched form of phone sex on the internet today, so we would like to touch on a few fetish topics that we often encounter at our service and have experience fulfilling over the phone:



Panty Fetish Phone Sex

Panty Fetish Phone Sex Calls


Yes! We offer panty fetish phone sex sessions to callers who have this particular fetish. Perhaps you have this fetish too. What kind is your favorite? Silk, lace, cotton, thong, bikini cut, or briefs?  What is it exactly about panties that turn you on?  Do you like the way your wife or girlfriend looks in them, especially the way they fit so perfectly over her amazing ass?  Or do you like looking at her in them knowing exactly what’s underneath is so undeniably scrumptious?

No, we didn’t forget about you… we know you are the one who likes to wear panties aren’t you?  The question that has to be asked is; do you like to wear panties because they feel amazing on your cock and balls or because they make you feel more feminine? Either answer can lead a fantasy session in a very different direction.

Tell us how deep and detailed you like to take your panty fetish call.  Maybe you’re a sissy who only wears panties when you go out and suck dick?  Or maybe you are a cock sucking faggot who always wears panties because your fetish for cum is always on the forefront of your thoughts.

It doesn’t matter to us what your panty fetish is we just want to hear all about it and be a part of your jerk off session!  If you are a fetish phone sex sissy don’t be surprised if we want you to lick up your sweet yummy cream after you cum!



Cum Eating Phone Sex Fetish

The average person would see the above photo as a nice fluffy stack of delicious pancakes with warm creamy icing. But we know all about those cum addicts out there! You’re one them aren’t you? You began to instantly salivate when you saw this photo because you saw a huge load of sperm didn’t you? If you are a kinky cum addict looking to dump your load and eat it up, you’ve come to the right place to expose or explore your cum eating fetish.

If are new to cum eating phone sex calls and want to try it for the first time, the cum eating fetish operators on this site will be able to assist you in every way! Does the thought of tasting and eating a hot load of jizz turn you on or is it the act of sucking a cock, or both? Milking a thick hard cock is always fun, especially when we know there is a white creamy surprise at the end!

Are you looking to be coaxed, coached or forced into eating your own cum? These cum eating fetish specialists will eagerly encourage you to stroke your cock until your balls are full. Our goal is to facilitate you to blasting an enormous load of spunk out of your balls. We want your cock oozing with sperm, just like the icing on the pancakes above. We want you gobbling up your goo like a cum hungry whore during your cum eating phone sex call with us. We want you to slurp up every last drop like it’s the last drop you’ll ever have!


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